New England Lifestyle’s love of the sea

My love of the sea started at a very young age when my parents bought a small plot of land on Elmer Sands and built a holiday home. We had several boats, a small wooden dingy with an outboard engine, a larger wooden fishing boat and a 1960’s wooden catamaran. And so we spent many days fishing and sailing. The great thing about New England is that it has fantastic beaches, an amazing selection of sailing boats and boating craft all along the coastline within its amazing marinas which I find incredibly inspiring as somehow boating, sailing and the New England Fashion all work incredibly well together. So the materials are very similar like rope, teak decking, white sails, which have a wonderful organic feeling which is also reproduced within the houses along the coast, with pastel colors, tongue and groove boarding and lovely sun bleached wooden decking.

If you wanted to create a world with love and style then that’s it.

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New England Lifestyle’s love of New England Cuisine

In 1979, after visiting New England, I came back to live in Chichester, England, and set up an American Restaurant with a New England style interior. We were one of the first restaurants in West Sussex to serve American burgers, ribs, Southern fried chicken, steaks and barbeque chicken, American cocktails and beers, chocolate brownies, apple-pie and American style ice-cream. And my love of New England food is everlasting.

What I love about the New England cuisine is that is very much based on meat, seafood, salad and vegetables, which is my kind of diet. And the great thing about visiting New England is that it doesn’t matter where you go, whether it’s say Highway Café or a Seafood Restaurant, there’s always an abundance of great cooking styles. And there can be nothing better than eating seafood of your barbeque grill on one of New England’s amazing beaches. And I would once again love to open an American style restaurant or an American style hotel using all of our furniture and designs within.

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New England Lifestyle’s love of fashion

So New England Fashion has really turned into the great New England prep look, which to me is a cross between a classic English style with a mixture of boating, seaside and country, all mixed into one. So for example, navy blazers with stripe shirts, grey flannel trousers, no socks and loafers. And ladies fashion can also be grey jumpers, denim jeans, All Star trainers, handbags, sunglasses, necklaces, boat shoes and polka dot dresses. So I feel the main colors are navy blue, grey, denim, pinks, blues and white.

Also New England has a strong recognition of designer brands. For example, Tiffany for rings, bracelets and earrings. Who wouldn’t want to receive an engagement ring from Tiffany or Cartier’s tank watch? Here is a list of typical world famous New England style brands for clothing and accessories: Luis Vuitton, Gucci, Vineyard Vines, Burberry, Vivien Frank, Kiel James Patrick, J Crew, Ray Ban. I have to say that here at New England Lifestyle we all love finding fashion photographs to pin to our New England Lifestyle Pinterest board for fashion.

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